We exist to create an easier, better and fulfilling life for you through personal branding.

Prackage is a truly personal personal branding company. This means that it’s in our DNA to care about your overall growth as much as we care about your visibility. So, if it helps you grow and if it makes your life easier, we’ll do it.

Our story

In under a year, Prackage has evolved to mean a lot of things to different people. But the one thing we’ve retained throughout our existence is our intense desire to see our members grow and live fulfilling lives.

Prackage is a personal branding company like no other, and the proofs are there to see.

We’ve been able to do this through different approaches. 
Sometimes, it’s through the big things, like: Getting our member a placement on the TV show they’ve always wanted to appear on; sticking with them through their publishing journeys; planning their path to job promotion and more. Other times, it’s the small things, like: Booking a reservation at a restaurant; making enquiries so they don’t have to worry; or generally just assuring them that we’re here for them all the time.

We take pride in our ability to listen to you. To be your accountability partner and partner-in-growth. So, if you tell us you want to be, we go all in to make sure you become without losing your essence.